May Must Reveal Her Duplicitous Deal!

The convention that legal advice to the cabinet is never published is enforced by the ministerial code. 



Theresa May imposes new layer of secrecy on Brexit legal advice

…but as The Guardian goes on to remind us, Section 2.12 of the ministerial code explicitly declares that if law officers, such as the attorney general, provide legal advice then cabinet ministers should expect to see the entire text.

We expect the in-crowd to keep as much information as possible from the mere citizens…


theresa tran


…because they see the common people as –

A, beneath them – and B, their enemies.

But now even the in-crowd is excluded from examining the full scope, all the implications, of Theresa The Traitrix’s dirty, duplicitous deal…




…which from all we have been able to learn, is a total betrayal of Brexit, and thus of the majority of British voters, who made their decision for deliverance in June 2016.

This vile vixen has got to go.