Bolsonaro And The Cleansing Of The ‘Arts’ Sty

If you thought that clown Damien Hirst’s pickled cow-corpse, which I have mentioned previously –

Arrogant Elites, Cameron, God And You Know Who! 

– was as low a mockery of art as it could get, and as grotesque a waste of public resources as could be…

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…you need to look at what was going on in Brazil under the reds.

I honestly have no idea what a ‘funk-electroclash band’ might be, but a Brazilian who performs with one of those (it’s called ‘Bonde Do Role’) will surely be universally applauded for saying that  “Having children touching and being exposed to a naked strange man is wrong.”

The statement concerns a vile creature named Wagner Schwarz, who has, since his disgusting act of indecent exposure, felt it wise to do a runner, scared stiff of decent people who were outraged by his exhibitionism.


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I won’t show you the photo of the sicko lounging naked in Brazil’s Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (MAM) where at least two little school-girls were encouraged to approach and even touch him – it makes me want to puke, and would likely have the same effect on most of you. 

Strangely, the Guardian has no such inhibitions, and actually includes a worse photo – of another ‘artist,’ named Antonio Oba…’


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…exposing his penis while covering himself with dust ground fromstatue of the Virgin Mary which he had previously destroyed.

Blasphemy, and while I am not in favour of blasphemy law, I regard it as revolting that the sleazy creep might get public funds or a public venue to enact his deviant fantasies.

That revolting picture is further down its story on how decent Brazilians have been emboldened by President Bolsonaro’s election campaign to clean out filth.




Pinkos in Brazil are all fretty that Bolsonaro will go after something called the ‘Rouanet Law,’ which gives tax-breaks to businesses which spend money on ‘cultural projects.’

Like, uh, what is remotely ‘cultural’ about exposing your penis, and/or inviting people to handle your naked body?

Only dirty decadents would even contemplate behaving like that.

One pinko is quoted thus –

“The Rouanet Law will be an easy hit for him. People see it as artists taking advantage of public money. If he cuts it, cultural projects will become very difficult.

And the good news is that Bolsonaro promised as much during his run.

He has promised to dissolve the ministry of culture into the education department…



Far better to tackle the lousy abuse of public resources this way than oblige good citizens to resort to actions outwith the law to root out degenerate garbage.

Going back to the electro-funky fellow whose sensible words we quoted above – his name’s Pedro D’Eyrot, BTW – he ‘hopes Bolsonaro will keep his promises:

“I expect his government to stop funding all the ideological apparatus created by the PT that lives and thrives on taxpayers’ money.”


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