Cover-Up! Bureaucrat Drones And Bliar’s Bludging!

Tony Blair was once, before he became Labour leader and then PM, an outspoken opponent of the Brussels Empire.


He turned his coat fairly rapidly after he began mingling with the wrong sort of people, and by God he showed himself quite content to be seen in the company of the scum of the earth…


….as the above photo amply confirms, and now he is among the world’s super-rich, worth some SIXTY million ponds…



…as well as being a zealous campaigner for the movement to over-turn the votes of the majority of the British electorate.



Most of you know that already.

NOW we learn he’s been getting tons of cash, which he obviously doesn’t need, from UK tax-payers, a million or more, since he moved out of Downing Street.


Bad enough, and he’s not the only ex-PM with his snout in the trough.

I won’t use the photo of Blair with John Major which enlivens the RT report, not because it’s not a fine photo but because I think this one…


…is much more suitable.

Yet we are used to parasitic politicians. With a few exceptions, the political class ranks very low in public esteem.

But what really, really, really has disgusted me is the revelation that ‘civil servants have insisted the total amount each politician had claimed each year should be published, but the details of what each former PM claimed for, should not be made known.’

Who do these stinking slugs think they work for?

Who pays their ill-deserved salaries?

The British people!

And the people are entitled to know how their money is wasted!

Moneybags Blair claimed £1m in British taxpayers’ money over last decade