Bloomberger Tells BBC – Trump’s People Live ‘In The Middle Of Nowhere!’

That was the leftist loudmouth Stryker Maguire, Bloomberg hack extraordinaire, who gets repeatedly invited back to the notorious far-left BBC propaganda show ‘Dateline’ – probably because he is so utterly predictable.


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I used to cover Dateline’s perpetually biased guest-selection often, but had to give it a rest, just too much really, anti-Trump, anti-Brexit, pro-crimmigrant, etc.

But last weekend I was watching the news and sure enough, when that ended, there it was, and there was Stryker.

I recognised him instantly, and recalled his previous bleating…

Dateline BBC and Obama – Leading Questions, Slanted Panel 

..which he soon took up again, deriding the millions who voted and approve of President Trump, declaring that while his fellow-elite deadbeats are concentrated in the big cities, the patriot citizenry tend to dwell in places that are –

 …in the middle of nowhere…


…adding roguishly that ‘I really shouldn’t say that  – although it was perfectly clear that he really DID mean that those who don’t share his disdain for The Donald are clapped-out country bumpkins…



…an unpleasant echo of Obummer’s derisive ‘God and Guns’ mockery of honest Americans.

Such elitist snobbery is commonplace among the Media Democrat Party but to hear it blared out on a foreign country’s state broadcaster, a notoriously pro-crimmigrant part of the UK media…




Later on, Stryker got back on his anti-patriot hobby-horse again, whining about the way politicians at all levels in the USA ‘feel they have to wear a flag, it’s just a bit much!’.

His extremist mind-set was more than matched by the ultra-left-liberal Agnes Poirier, also a frequent feature on Dateline.


Gambar terkait


We have noticed Arrogant Agnes before. Vive La France! Bon Chance, Jacques!  On Sunday, the aging French blonde hackette was in typical rant-mode –


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And don’t forget the bigoted bias of the BBC!.


‘I’m not the only one to have given up hope of Trump being impeached.’

The other two guests were not so overtly biased, but neither was pro-Trump – any viewers who believed for a moment the lie uttered by a previous anchor on the show, when he said..

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 


…should not hold their breath waiting for any semblance of balance by UK Pravda.