So To Which ‘Species’ Do ISIS Monsters Belong?

A report in one of the UK Christian media seems to take modest satisfaction from a poll that says that ‘only’ 20% of Brit parents ‘would be pleased if their child wanted to officially change their gender’


I’d have saved the ‘only’ for the alarming info that only 42% would NOT be pleased.

So less than half of all Brit mums and dads would experience dismay on learning that a son or daughter was in the grip of the sicko delusion that somehow boys can become girls or vice-versa?

What has become of what Shakespeare called ‘this sceptred isle?’

If those stats reflect reality, ‘septic’ seems a more suitable adjective.



Yet those statistics are, arguably, by no means the most bizarre revealed by the poll.

Get this!


….nearly a third of all those polled (32 per cent) agreed that people should be allowed to self-define their race. 

Nearly one in five (19 per cent) agreed with self-defining age…


…and one in 10 supported the right of people to choose their own species.

Whilst one can see that people of mixed-race parentage might aspire to be the arbitiers of how their ethnicity is defined, I am much more interested in the idea of self-defining my age.

Since I hit fifty, the idea of what I define as ‘digital inversion therapy’ has had great appeal – viz. my oldest drinking buddy, who was born 75 years ago, could simply redefine himself as 57, or, if I hang in there a few more decades…



…I could turn 91 and at once declare myself 19 again, an age I recall as being particularly agreeable.  .


Human beings are a species.

That is what legalists might call ‘settled science.’

So can people born into the human race become something else?



Just think of ISIS!

No way the foul beasts of that rape-gang should be treated as if they’re human beings!


PS There appears to be no limit to dementia these days.

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