Insanity In Merkel Land – Cleaver African Roams Berlin!

Poor sad, sick Germany, where a ‘mentally unstable cleaver-wielding African migrant’ has now run up a grand total of 107 arrests…




….yet has been regularly unleashed back on the streets of Berlin instead of being crammed into a sturdy straight-jacket and loaded onto a Ghana-bound plane asap.

Please read the whole story and ask yourself what kind of imbecilic irresponsible woman Merkel must be…




….to have overseen such madness and not moved to change whatever loopy legal snafu allows dangerous, demented savages to roam around her capital city as they please.

If it’s Brussels or Strasbourg diktats that manacle law enforcement…




…then national governments have a clear duty to repudiate such supranational edicts.

Because it’s no one-off!

The same RT reports further blows our minds by adding that, not in Berlin, true, but in Frankfurt, there’s another migrant from Africa had more than 540 criminal proceedings opened against him and was allowed to walk free in Frankfurt.




Since the man had no documents, the authorities didn’t know his country of origin and couldn’t deport him.

So? There’s a lot of unpatrolled territory in the Antarctic.

Yet fear not, there’s a happy ending….


…because the court is going to look into the possibility of putting Cleaver Man into a mental institution!

For how long?

And at what cost to the German tax-payer?

No one-way tickets to Accra available this week, or this month, or this year?

Gott im Himmel!

You couldn’t make this stuff up!