So 40% Of UK Millennials Are Scumbags?

I like RT better than I like most media…

Watch This Documentary – No Wonder Left Wants RT Ban! 

…but sometimes their turn of phrase is vexatious to the spirit.

Take this example…

’British Millennials apparently have no appetite for wartime heroics…’


….which is entirely inappropriate as a description of the situation reflected in their news story on the poll showing that ‘41 percent said they would pass on military duty if WWIII breaks out and conscription is reintroduced..’

Point 1 – serving one’s country, defending it, or one’s kith and kin, or one’s allies abroad, is not a matter of having an ‘appetite for war-time heroics.’

It’s a matter of honour, duty and patriotism.

Point 2 – the utter absence of the latter quality among large numbers of ‘millennials…’




…has become glaringly obvious since the Brexit referendum, made even more obvious by the significant number of callow curs who withhold support from curbs on crimmigrants.

As the unexpectedly good news from the USA in November 2026 always reminds us, polls are not always reliable, but whether it’s 40 or 35 or 30, it’s pretty sickening.