Le Muppet Exploits German Mourning Day For Euro-Propaganda

I used to think Le Retch Hollande was a bit of a louse…


In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order

…but his slimy successor, Le Muppet Macron, sinks ever lower.

And I’m not referring to his abysmal standing in the polls, French voters now giving him a mere 25% score as reported yesterday.

Having turned Remembrance Day into an anti-national pantomime….


….the Elitist in The Elysee has popped up in Germany, on that country’s National Day of Mourning, and once more insulted the dead and his host nation’s living….

Emmanuel Macron calls for unified Europe in Bundestag address

…by calling for their nation-state’s freedom to be subsumed into what he arrogantly describes as ‘European sovereignty.’

Europe is a continent, a geographical expression.

Despite the efforts of Napoleon, whom Macron seems to regard as an exemplar, an idea which would not, methinks, appeal greatly to old Boney…


….and despite the endeavours of that other staunch enthusiast for European unification, Herr Adolf Hitler, whom few anywhere on the Continent – except in Eire! – mourned…



….Europe has never been a sovereign state, never remotely a ‘United Europe!’

Even in the distant past, in the era of the Holy Roman Empire, of Charlemagne, when there was a unifying concept of Christendom, neither those emperors, nor their papal rivals, held sovereign authority over more than bits and pieces of the Continent ( and none over Britain!) …


…..because the kings and prince-bishops and other rulers made sure they ran the show in their own territories.

But that is not really the point.

The EUSSR would very much like to be what I derisively call it, the Brussels Empire.




That is, after all, the purpose of what they deceitfully designate as their ‘European Project.’


Would Macron dare put his scheme to a referendum of the French electorate, who, the last time they got their democratic say, spurned the EuroCon….



Euro-Elites Disdain Democracy – Three Cheers For The Red, White And Blue!

…and have been, ever since, punished by the elite, no further democratic vote from that day onwards?

Would Merkel put it to a people’s vote?


The German political class has never even given Germans a chance to approve or disapprove their OWN constitution!




We know what the overlords of this fake ‘Europe’ think of democratic principles, because the Drunkard told us, very soberly.