Not Fake News! Germans Just Voted In Their Own EU Referendum!

No, I’ll bet you had no idea, nor, perhaps ( though we had mentioned it in the past)


…. that there was a death penalty referendum in Germany a few weeks ago too.

Sad to say, only one German state afforded its people such basic democratic rights, and sadder still, only a minority of the citizens of Hessen voted for capital punishment.

But then German federal law overrides state law, so the pre-existing statute was a dead letter. And maybe that’s why under 20% voted to keep it.

Not much point, really, if no evil-doer was ever going to get his just deserts, because Mama Stasi, as federal fuhrerin…


merkel danger


… has shown no serious interest in curbing crime, or expelling savage criminals who shouldn’t be in Germany at all.

But you probably want to know about how those Germans voted on the EU issue.

And, again sadly, I can’t tell you.

The only information to be found in English-language media is a minimal mention in DW, viz. that voters were asked to decide on…


 ‘their commitment to the EU.’

Now what exactly does that mean?

If it was an honest referendum, the Hessen voters would have been given a free and fair choice,  Brussels Empire, yes or no!

But that would have been as pointless as the ‘choice’ on capital punishment, since membership of the EUSSR is a matter for Berlin, not individual states.

So what was printed on the Hessen ballot paper?

‘Do you appreciate all the joys and benefits of subordination to a supranational authority?’

referndmlet peole vote

Or some other, less subtle, loaded question?

And did how the people voted have any real effect on anything?

I have no time, nor energy, to comb through German media so maybe one of our German readers can advise us.