Smoke Out The Misrata Savages!

Wallowing in their own filth, those uppity illegals below decks on the Panama-registered ship in Libya’s Misrata harbour must NOT be allowed to get away with their ingrate antics.


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On Wednesday, 14 out of the original 94 migrants left the ship following negotiations and were transferred to an accommodation centre in Misrata. The remaining migrants insist on travelling to Europe.


On gate-crashing other people’s countries?

The HELL with that!  

Arrogant swine!

If they are rewarded for their lawless behaviour then it is as sure as night follows day that there will be action replays whenever any other ships scoop crimmigrants out of the Med.

The Libyan security forces should be given the go-ahead to use smoke-bombs, stun-grenades, tear-gas or live ammo, any means necessary, to get the brutes out of their bolt-hole and back ashore.

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If they don’t like the idea of confinement in Libyan custody, let them sod off back to their various homelands.