Another Filthy Rapist Savage?

….so now somebody’s grandma in Italy has suffered the same affront that Merkel’s callous crimmigrant policy has inflicted on so many German women and girls.

Nor should we forget the other victims in Denmark….and in Austria..

Merkel deserves to be put on trial.

In Italy, however, the blame belongs to past leftist governments which decriminalised illegal imigration and failed to drive back the vessels that ferried so many savages across the Med.


Red Renzi and his comrades have a lot to answer for, since the latest outrage is hardly the first example of evil illegals preying on the elderly..

While it would be right and proper to put rapist scum to death…




….that is not going to happen, until the ECHR is repudiated, so for now Salvini needs to get these filthy savages rounded up and put in internment camps pending deportation.

The attacker first slammed the woman’s head against some large rocks and then forced her to submit to sexual violence, the sources said.




The crimes committed by evil aliens are heinous.

But let us never forget that they’d not be in Italy without the acquiescence, or worse, the encouragement, of Italy’s left-liberal political elites/

Treason is the worst of crimes, and the perpetrators must and will be brought to justice.