Boycott Walmart This Christmas..Oh, And Pfizer Too!

Discrimination is something to be exalted as a virtue, to anyone who understand that its proper meaning is to show good taste and judgement.




Hence today I am urging readers to discriminate as diligently as possible, in particular when they go Christmas shopping.


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Because that big business empire is behaving in both a childish and vindictive manner, out to punish a senatorial candidate for joke she made.


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GOP candidate Cyndy Hyde-Smith


It was a harmless jest, as you can see for yourselves, if you read this link –

– but as so often, infantile uptights with a chip on each shoulder about ‘race,’ and even though the joke had nothing to do with race or colour…



…their twisted minds chose to make it an issue.

Now, instead of giving renewed support to the Republican lady, Walmart has spinelessly jumped ship, kow-towing to PC whiners, and not only cut off contributions to her campaign but had the sheer brass neck to demand a refund!


Let’s hit back, with an indefinite boycott until these big-biz bums back off.

And contact Walmart…

Toll-Free Phone:1-800-741-5367

…to tell them to lay off Cyndy!

Oh, and target Pfizer too.


That drug company, as shown in the link, has also lined up with the whiners.


Don’t forget to get onto their Facebook pages. Tie them up, tire them down.