France24’s Fake Brexit Debate!

Another F24 ‘Meldrew Moment!’

I don’t believe it!


How can you have a Brexit Debate without any pro-Brexit participant?

At first it seemed that the only British ‘representative’ to be given the microphone was the leader of the UK Labour Party bunch at the Strasbourg Slug HQ…


Image result for eu babel


….a man named Richard Corbyn, MEP, a Europhiliac par excellence, who told viewers that it has to be either a general election or a second referendum.

He was beamed in from outside the studio, presumably from Strasbourg.

But wait!

Belatedly, some obscure geezer named Patrick Sullivan popped up, who was said by Corbyn to be pro-Brexit…

…BUT cheerily told us that the Maybot had had ‘a good week,’ because Rees Mogg got ‘too angry.’

And he went on later to say that the pro-independence campaigners came across as ‘old white men.’

Nobody called Sullivan out for his racist jibe.

The only two studio guests were an F24 hackette, and a French academic, who were not, of course, remotely pro-Brexit.


WHY does Macron’s tax-funded channel call this rubbish a ‘debate?’

It’s pure propaganda!