Oh My Ghosn! Legal Or Not, Who Needs So Much Money?

What do you think?

I have no idea if Ghosn is guilty or not, but it just amazes me how anyone with an income of tens of millions of dollars would even think about squirreling away more tens of millions for any reason.


Why would anybody want to?

What more can you need, or want, to do with more money if you already have millions in the bank, or in investments, or property?

british money

Sure, if I won a lottery and found myself with millions, I would not refuse to accept it.

I’d give a helping hand to my nearest and dearest, and I would send large donations to Leave EU and any group that’s anti-crimmigration, etc.

But apart from a slightly upgraded home, e.g. a larger screened tv and a wall-to-wall book-case, and a pleasant little pool, and some agreeable travel to places I liked in the past (Prague, Budapest) and cities and countries not yet seen…


Magnificent Prague

…that I think I’d appreciate ( St Petersburg, Japan, Tallin, Laos, Myanmar) …there’s not a lot I can think of that I want or need to spend on.

What is greed, if not incomprehensible?


PS – I of course exclude enjoyment of free-flow happy hours from that final sentence!