Guardian Quiz Says I’m ‘Most Similar To Viktor Orban!’

If you want a laugh this weekend, try the latest Guardian quiz, to determine how much of a populist you are!

Being the Guardian, of course, you have to supply ‘demographic information’ before you take the quiz

A lot of it is unremarkable, like

Where do you live, age, etc.

But you KNOW it’s gotta be the Guardian when they ask if you are a man, a woman or a thing!





But the sheer meaninglessness of the word ‘populist’ comes across loud and clear when, among the parties and persons listed as such, we find the far-left Podemos party in Spain.

However, I was greatly pleased when, having answered their questions, I was deemed most dissimilar to that party’s leader…

You’re least similar to:
Pablo Iglesias
Leader of Podemos

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And I was delighted to discover that I was MOST similar to Hungary’s heroic Viktor Orban!

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