A ‘Woke’ Oz-Brat – And Other Linguistic Oddities…

Where do subversive weirdos get the notion that they can add ugly words to the English language?

I was recently accused, wrongly as it turned out, of inventing the word ‘Traitrix’ to augment the English-speaking world’s vocabulary.

It turned out that it was an old, maybe very old, word, but whatever, its meaning was clear enough…

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merkel danger


..a female traitor, of whom there is an adequate sufficiency.

It’s bad enough that they take respectable words like ‘gay’ which has always meant ‘cheerful’ and malevolently pervert its meaning to mean ‘perverted…’



…but when they steal the past tense of the verb ‘wake’ and totally twist it into an adjective, to be generically applied to pinko creep millennials, that is just taking the mickey – a yard and a half too far!

I had not even been aware of ‘woke’ degradation till last month, when I saw it used to describe an obnoxious Australian brat whose fatuous parents ( both professors, of course!) and their fans were defending from disciplinary action…


The Year 4 student said the decision to take a stand was made “mostly” by herself but the subject had been discussed with her parents.


….after the obstreperous little bint disrespected the National Anthem.

One might agree with Pauline Hanson that the little madam would benefit from a boot up the backside…


…though really, I’d say, those ghastly parents deserve it more.

But then some cultural marxist klutz called the 9 year old a ‘woke’ child.

Huh? I was baffled!

So I looked it up.

But this week I saw a brilliant description of its post-left-hijacking meaning.


Woke: To be awake to the endless possibilities of being offended by everything.

Yes indeed…


And for many more amusing mockeries of cultural marxist gobble-de-gook, read this….

   https://www.spiked-online.com/2018/11/12/word-to-the-woke   from spiked.com