Nice One Jair! No Bad Government Can Bind Its Successor!

Moreover, even if there’s little chance of the AfD being able to change German policy at present, since all the other parties more or less agree that man-made climate change is a reality, simply forcing any sort of discussion essentially moves the goalposts. 

No, I have not gotten mixed-up over which country I’m on about today!

That quote from an incredibly slanted Deutsche Welle report, reveals the fundamentally anti-democratic attitude of the Climate Panic people…




…horrified that any person or party might ensure proper democratic debate on the issue.

Enter the other aspect of the anti-democratic elites’s stance on this  – and other – matters.

Brazil has abandoned plans to host crucial UN climate talks in 2019 amid growing signs of the anti-internationalism of the new government being formed by president-elect Jair Bolsonaro…

The Guardian scribbler at once goes on to talk as if Bolsonaro is somehow guilty of bad faith, when in fact he is proving his honesty.



Jair Bolsonaro

The broken promise is in line with the anti-globalist rhetoric of the far-right former army captain, who was elected president in October and will take power in January.

‘Broken Promise?’

So whose promise did Bolsonaro break?

Obviously NOT his own, because his campaign was replete, as the same scribbler says, with anti-globalist rhetoric!

You can only break your own promises. He never made any such promise,

In fact, ’twas a pledge made by his defeated far-left opponents, the so-called Workers Party…




…which openly campaigned in close alliance with the Brazilian Communist Party!

No parliament, no presidency, no government, has the right to bind its successors.

That’s the whole point of democracy, that people get to vote in elections, and can vote for candidates who offer change!


Bolsonaro thrashed the Far Left.

Why would we expect him to honour its deals?

It’s the same illogical, anger-driven, offensive accusation launched against Donald Trump, for living up to his (real) promise, to revisit that Paris Climate Deal…


Image result for Iran appeasement

…or the Iran Appeasement Deal, both of which were dear to Obummer’s heart, and to Crooked Hillary.


But THEY are now in the trash-can of American history, as are the Brazilian Far-Left.

Whatever dirty deals they concocted can and should be undone by those to whom the democratic process gave the power to do so.