Another Sell-Out In Another Hall? What ARE Ontario Tory Principles?

“My hunch is that the central PC party people…are just telling him (Ford) to smile at them and try to cajole them a bit — but don’t take them too seriously.”

Gambar terkait

We remember well this fine Canadian lady, who lost the Ontario Tories’ leadership contest to Rob Ford, and was then purged by Ford for plain speaking which incensed the in-crowd.

But she’s still fighting the decadents, and winning small battles, not least Policy Resolution R4, which perceptively notes that “gender identity theory” is a “highly controversial, unscientific ‘liberal ideology’” and calls on the Ford government to remove the teaching and promotion of it in schools.



The party convention also voted to give parents warning of ‘sex-ed lessons’ and more importantly secure their rights to prevent their children being immersed in the propaganda often included in such classes.

But Party officials were quick to point out that the resolutions were not binding and will not form any part of party policy until they are formally voted on at the next policy convention.

Constitutionally true, but why were the party apparatchiks so QUICK to say so?

Scared of the leftist CBC and other biased media’s disapproval?

media bias

Heading into the convention, prominent social conservatives expressed concerns that their voices were being ignored…dozens of policy resolutions with a social conservative bent were blocked from being debated by party members at the event in Etobicoke…

The Toronto City News reporters apparently asked Ford’s office for comment but he did not respond…



Doug Ford


…which is concerning, to say the least, because one observer is quoted as saying that every conservative leader, including Ford, has the advantage of knowing social conservatives won’t park their votes with other parties, even if they are ignored.

If that’s the thinking among the political hacks, whom Ford ought to have cleaned out of the Progressive Conservative Party when he won the leadership, then there’s trouble ahead.

If he now snubs voters who supported him because of their disgust at the Liberal Party’s pro-pervert policies, imposed by the queer who led the Ontario Liberals for many a too long year, Doug Ford could be a one-term wonder.