Christmas Is Coming – Give To Good Causes!

Scarily, it is already almost the end of November – when I wrote this, tomorrow was  Saint Andrew’s Day!


And already we here in Jakarta are all discussing each other’s plans for Christmas.

A lot of my foreign friends are going ‘home’ for the Festive Season and the trees and lights have been on display for weeks –  each big posh store in Jakarta having a magnificent tree..


In fact, Christmas Trees were already on sale here in October, for Pete’s sake.


…which will, until the New Year, attract admiring crowds, folks of all faiths flocking to ‘ooh’…’

So I would like to remind readers that Christmas involves goodwill not only to family and friends, and even strangers, but also to good causes. 

Certainly some so-called ‘charities’ should feature on NOBODY’S list! 

No need to create an anti-list, but…

Amnesty ‘Only’ Use Tax-Payers’ Money For Propaganda? 

Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA

If You Welcome The Crimmigrant Tsunami, Donate To Oxfam

…and  – soawful it’s worth naming twice – most unbelievably of all, there’s Amnesty…

Amnesty ‘Only’ Use Tax-Payers’ Money For Propaganda? 

My readers know very well which ghastly gangs deserve no more than a dirty look.


But let me suggest a few movements and media to whose meritorious service you might pay attention.

GATESTONE! donate today,


Obviously, Brits should recognise the freedom fighters, like Get Britain Out and LeaveEU.

In Canada, there’s the True North Initiative. Not to forget Ezra Levant’s The Rebel!

And there’s, recently victimised by the left-bigots who deprived the Christians of their internet platform, though they are now back!

Americans could do worse than donate to Mass Resistance, who unflinchingly fight for decency.

As for Australia, I invite suggestion from my Oz readers, though this new organisation, Advance Australia, sounds promising…

…, and similarly from other readers in other countries.

Oh, and as an afterthought, how about, as an ecumenical gesture to some honest leftwing thinkers…

….who do honestly think differently from me on a number of issues but who never show the sort of hateful intolerance one has sadly come to expect from left-liberals in general.