What’s Wrong With Chad?

Last week I had a whole day to do nothing, all by myself,, no welcome visitors, nobody to go hang out with, no parties, no nothing.



That was so unusual for me that I went to the movies…

….but that only accounted for about three hours, including travelling time, so I frittered away some of the rest of the day on pointless pastimes.

One of those was looking back through this blog, and I learned something mildly interesting.

Throughout the several years since we began, it has been viewed in EVERY country in the world – except one!

What is it with Chad?


Chad Country Map


The land-locked Saharan republic has even from time to time had a mention in my columns, including a complimentary mention, when I called Chad ‘sensible…’




….but still, not a single soul there has ever had a look at RRA.

Hence these few paragraphs, a reaching out to see if I can remedy the situation!

I’ll let you know if it works!