Slovaks Spurn UN Crimmigrant Pact! Why Won’t May?




While we cannot possibly laud the opinions of Slovakia’s Miroslav Lacjak, who has quit as Foreign Minister after his parliament voted overwhelmingly to reject the appalling ‘pact’ devised by the United Nations…


…to erase the key distinction between legal and illegal ‘migrants,’ at least he has had the grace to resign.

The biased media continue to collaborate with the UN, as with the report I read yesterday, which ludicrously uses the propaganda definition of the dirty deal as a ‘pact seeking to promote an international approach to safe and orderly migration.’

It ignores the fundamental truth.




Lajcak stepped down after Thursday’s 90-15 vote.


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In contrast, Slovak P.M. Peter Pellegrini agreed with Parliament’s move.

Like most of the legislators, he understands that arrogant aliens who set out to violate other nations’ frontiers…

Migrants protest as Hungarian riot police fires tear gas and water cannon at the border crossing with Serbia in RoszkeSavages attack Slovakia’s neighbour Hungary

…by lawless queue-jumping are not fit people to be admitted into any civilised society.

Brits must wish they had a PM with a similar commitment to common sense – or indeed common decency!


Instead Theresa The Appeaser is shamelessly crawling along with the supranational diktat, just like that other traitrix Mama Stasi Merkel.

Story image for theresa migration pact UN from Breitbart News

Brits are well aware of her irresponsible welcome to ISIS rape-gang ratbags.

She has allowed hordes to return to the realm they betrayed by joining the sectarian jihad waged by the ‘caliphate….’


….whose atrocities are universally known and despised by all decent people.

May’s spineless submission to supranational demands is clearly not limited to her Brexit sell-out