No Love Allowed In Health Care?

Being a fairly healthy fellow most of the time, I haven’t spent a lot of time in hospital since I was a schoolboy.



But I can still remember the kindly nurses, who were efficient but always sweet, addressing us patients as ‘love,’ or ‘dear’ or even ‘darlin…’

I imagine nurses in most countries are similarly nice to those they nurse, whether the patients are children or adults.


When I suffered a minor injury, a year or two ago, the Jakarta nurses certainly were!


But not in Eire, not much longer, if a creepy PC establishment diktat is enforced.


Nurses and doctors at Irish hospitals should no longer call patients by pet names such as love, dear, girls, lads or boys, under new recommendations.

Staff should instead refer to patients by their first name in an effort to make treatment more “person-centred”, Ireland’s state health services provider has said.



‘Now, now, Angela, ve haf vayz of making you talk rationally once again!’ 


Thanks be for Michael O’Keefe, a consultant ophthalmologist at Mater hospital in Dublin!

He has described the rubbish as  ‘political correctness “gone mad” ‘

And so it is!