Rain Stops Border Security? Merkel Menace Strikes Again!

While you patriotic Brits square up to the Traitrix’s Project Fear…


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‘They ALWAYS get it wrong’: Brexiteers lash out at ‘Project Fear 2.0 …


…our German readers will have been horrified at the news of the latest zombie-like lurch of Mama Stasi Merkel.

Even on her political death-bed…




…with rival candidates vying for the dubious privilege of succession to her disastrous leadership, she has latched onto ANOTHER strategy to undermine German borders and, ultimately, German national identity.

I came across an excellent article, in an excellent – and hitherto unknown to me – part of the resistance media, and here’s a little extract to give you a taste of its messaging.

More astonishing details on the global pact for migration keep on surfacing! 


Yes, that’s the same dirty deal that May is rolling over for, alongside her Brexit betrayal…




…a kind of double-barrel blast at British sovereignty.

As a rule, I wouldn’t quote at such length from other media, but in fact they are quoting a prominent German patriot, Alice Weidel of the AfD.

 So I feel justified in doing so, though I have tried to polish up the translation.


At the behest of the government, Climate Change was adopted in the treaty as grounds for migration  – a Green Party position — which couldn’t have been formulated more ambiguously.

In future, an ordinary drought in Africa will mean a ticket to Europe, a stretch of land flooded by Nile will open doors to our welfare system.

In places where the scorching sun shines or the land turns to sand: Germany will be the new destination for all those who seek comprehensive welfare benefits. Adopting Climate Change as grounds for more migration in the UN migration pact speaks volumes.

One can clearly see the overriding goal — the re-population of Europe — which couldn’t have been made more transparent.

Who will decide between climate change and a particularly warm summer?

This is ridiculous and irresponsible to the highest degree.

The global pact for migration must be stopped; Germany’s ratification on December 10 must not take place. More and more countries are rejecting the dubious pact on grounds of upholding their sovereignty.

That is absolutely justified!


So what next?

AfD is stoutly resisting Mama Stasi, but where’s the fight-back in the UK?

The Number Ten Rat is set to sign the Pact in just a few days, so I hear.

I gave you details a week or so ago, so you should get as many people to sign up as possible.

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Brits! Sign Up Against May’s UN Sell-Out!