Offensive In Jakarta – Women Can Be Modest Without Being Sectarian!

Saddening but not totally surprising to read about a so-called “Modest Fashion” show to be staged here in Jakarta next week.




If you read down the Jakarta Post report ( which appeared a month or more ago, though I chose to save it for nearer the event) you will see that a more honest explanation of what’s going on is to be found, in that reference is made to ‘the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report… ’

Whoever wrote the JP article fails to apply the essential inverted commas to show that ‘modest’ is an inaccurate and offensive adjective to apply to shariah shrouding.

It’s utterly offensive to every decent woman who goes to work or does the shopping or attends a party dressed modestly, wearing clothes like these…


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…which are self-evidently modest in every way, no bare bums, no nipples on display, just perfectly normal attire in no way AT ALL immodest, except to the sort of sexist uptights whose backward mind-set dictates that….




Fathers and Husbands, their private parts are your responsibility.”

Yet the JP’s scribbler rabbits on and on, about ‘the modest-fashion industry,” which apparently ‘has been continuously growing.’

And on and on, about how big-name brands, Nike, H&M and Tommy Hilfiger, are now into what the JP insists on calling ‘modest attire.’ 

How dare they!

Image result for pretty tommy hilfiger blouse

Tommy Hilfiger – Off-The-Shoulder Petal Blouse Womens Blouses …


That blouse is modest!

And so is this…

Image result for pretty tommy hilfiger blouse


…nothing immodest, never mind indecent, in these clothes that normal women like.

Anyone who denies such self-evident truth has to be a miserable killjoy dingbat.

But I bet nothing like those clothes will be seen at the fake-modest fashion ‘summit’ in Jakarta this week.

Friends and family of mine have bought those brands, and thus dressed perfectly modestly, for years.

It’s not as if the JP scribbler isn’t fully aware that he or she is deliberately confusing two quite separate concepts, modesty and sectarianism.

…the modest fashion market is estimated to be worth US$44 billion. Muslim consumers are expected to spend $368 billion on fashion by 2020…

This won’t be the first time the word ‘modest’ has been hi-jacked here…


Image result for jakarta modest fashion week 2018


…and if they want a shrouding show, fair enough, let ’em get on with it.

But call it by its real name!