Beat A Tot To Death? No Worries – Out In 5 Years!

She’s posing a risk to every child out there. If you could do that to your own, then what can you do to someone else’s child? It’s disgusting…


Rosdeep Adekoya pled guilty to the culpable homicide of Mikaeel Kular after his body was discovered in Fife.

Rosdeep Adekoya- a demoness who should have been hanged. ‘“She’s a monster and she’s out in the community. She’s getting used to the outside — she takes it at her own pace and she decides when it happens.”

“She walks around the jail with her make-up done, hair done. She was the most privileged prisoner anyone’s seen. She got extra — clothes, ornamentals, pictures of her kids….”

 She beat her little boy to death for being sick.




It’s a very sick society these days, in Scotland, where a vile beast like Adekoya has been getting out of prison to go shopping, according to an anguished source inside the system.

And sicker still that, after less than five years behind bars, the foul bitch may be released next year, after serving less than HALF her sentence of 11 years.