It Ain’t Just Juncker Who’s A Liar!

So it seems that not only is the self-proclaimed Liar Juncker has been lying again…


Juncker Liar Juncker

…but so too has Britain’s Benedict Arnold, or shall we call her ‘Lady Haw Haw?

No, let’s stick with the title we coined right here.

Theresa the Traitrix.




It’s not as if Romano Prodi, a former European Commission President, could ever be accused of any inclination to help us Brexiteers.

He has always been on the Left and presided over various Eurocratic power grabs.


Image result for romano prodi


But presumably he would not say what he’s just said if he didn’t mean it, as follows –

“We must keep free trade between us because it is in the British interests and European interest. The UK has no alternative – the EU is a large part of its trade.”

He also told us what everybody knows but Liar May denies.

“Look, when the British parliament has still to vote you are obliged to be in this position. But then of course the day after you start dealing. This is politics.”




So all the more reason to heed that exhortation issued here last week.


Traitrix Deplorabilis!