Brit-Baiting Varadkar Must Pay A Price!

May is on her way to meet Britain’s tormentors in Brussels today. Few of us will have much faith in her readiness to face the swine down.

But speaking of swine…

Not nearly enough attention has been paid to the wrecking role of Eire’s aberrant leader Varadkar in creating the current Brexit shambles.


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Just as I took notice of his queer ‘No Fly Zone’ nonsense earlier this year…


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…I also paid attention to what Ian Duncan Smith had to say not long ago, and so must many other people in the UK, about Eire’s preening prat and his deliberate exploitation of May’s weakness to advance an annexationist agenda, the same sort of stance we saw decades ago…



…when the oily Albert Reynolds chose to line up with Blood-Beast Adams of the murder gang’s political wing and with that self-righteous slug John Hume of the ‘moderate’ SDLP, all three of them desperate to undermine British Ulster’s right to self-determination…


Britain must put that Varadkar in his place.

Priti Patel’s idea, squeeze his upstart hostile republic via the food trade, is not without merit.

Priti Patel Minister.jpg Pretty Priti


Anything that upsets a creature like Sinn Fein president Mary Lou McDonald can’t be bad, can it?

“They’re not entitled to wreck Ireland. And they need to really grasp and understand that,” she told reporters.


After Sinn Fein/IRA’s wreckage of the lives and livelihoods of thousands of British people in Ulster over decades, a little pay-back might be seen as over-due.

It’s strange that few if any other MPs, even on the right side of Brexit, have urged retaliatory action against Eire, because if you read the article published last month, you’ll see that the Dublin Government went out of its way, even more than did its sinilarly aggressive predecessors, to queer the pitch and put the boot into Britain.

IDS discloses REAL REASON Irish border became key Brexit issue …

For a very minimum start, immediate steps should be taken to get Eire citizens off the UK electoral rolls.

We have said it before, but it is now much more urgent.

Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit

It is madness to give citizens of an alien, and deeply antagonistic, republic the right to vote, at any time, in British elections, and even more in any second referendum which may arise from the mess made by Theresa the Traitrix.