What Next? Muesli-Eaters To Guard London’s Tower?



Just think, nutjob activists like PETA would make Aussie meat pies extinct!


So  the namby-pamby pinkos of PETA are demanding the English village of ‘Wool’ be renamed ‘Vegan Wool’ to avoid sheepish stress?


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That imbecilic appeal preceded the insolent submission of a letter to a French mayor…

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Yummy sausages

….calling for a change in the name of an outrageously meatist ‘Sausage Street.’



Where will this idiocy end?

We know PETA is run by the far-left, from their pro-crimmigrant antics a few years ago.

Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA

Yet are they truly such dimwits that they cannot even grasp what a laughing- stock such deranged drivel makes them seem in the eyes of normal folk?


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Perhaps when they turn their metaphorical guns on the Beef-Eaters at the Tower of London, demanding the stalwarts give up a healthy diet and start mincing back and forth around the Bloody Tower, munching poncey little plates of muesli, they’ll catch on to the sniggering contempt their outbursts inspire?

PETA demands ancient French village becomes more ‘vegan friendly’