Better Fake News, Than ‘Serious’ Reports On Farts – Or Nipples!

Last week, I enjoyed a good debate with a foreign friend about Brexit. Those locals sat around our Jakarta bar table found it hard to follow at times.



We were arguing in both English and German, and although I tried to translate into Indonesian for their benefit, it was tough to keep up with the cut and thrust, esp. when clarifying some of my historically resonant phrases…



…as when I referred to Theresa Chamberlain.

Whatever, we were discussing real news.

Most days the media are replete with serious news that warrants attention, comment and indeed debate.

But all too often, the so-called ‘news’ media appears to be obsessed with mind-numbingly trivial stuff.

celelb trash


What better example (last month) can I offer than this!

Musselburgh darts champ Gary Anderson accused of ‘farting’ during Grand Slam match

That’s from The Scotsman, and is surely hard to beat for triviality, irrelevance to anything of the slightest importance – but hold on there!

There’s worse!


Image result for see-through blouse

Can you really get sacked for not wearing a bra?

That’s almost inevitably from The Guardian, doyen of the left/liberal UK media, and the essential irrelevance of the article to anything that matters can be summed up in the words of, inevitably again, a lawyer.

If someone was dismissed for not wearing a bra at work, that could be discriminatory under current law,” she says.


Who gives a sh-t? Or a f-rt?

Except that we might be vaguely amused by her follow-up –

“If a woman came in wearing no bra and a see-through blouse, that could be a problem,” she says.


Not to me it wouldn’t!


When the British people are bracing themselves to fight the most fearsome threat to their freedom since WW2, why are so many scribblers in the Enemy Within media rabbiting about things that don’t matter?

Elsewhere in the Guardian, however, we find a much more weighty issue being debated.


That’s Roro Fitria, a superb Indonesian star, who is probably not terribly alarmed about her dimensions..or maybe she is! Kasihan Roro Fitria! – read what we wrote about her several years ago!


Are women’s breasts getting bigger – or is it just our bras?

After all, if any of these ‘feminist’ writers in the mainstream media were seriously interested in the well-being of women, or whatever is actually meant by “women’s rights,” they would have written a GOOD article like the one to which this link takes you –