Demand YouTube Action Against Perverts!

Funny how YouTube can stomp free speech for good people, like patriots and conservatives…

Google/YouTube Gestapoids Target The Rebel – Fight Back! 

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What is ‘reputable’ news? YouTube plans to decide for you

…but when it comes to bad people?


I have been sent this petition and pass it straight on to readers!

YouTube is letting paedophiles get away with grooming children on their website.Innocent children are sharing live videos of themselves, often from their bedrooms, and YouTube is failing to take action when strangers approach them asking them to take off their clothes. [1] 

A front page investigation in The Times today has just blown the lid on the problem and YouTube bosses will be reeling from the scandal. [2] They know their business relies on advertisers and the public believing that YouTube is a website they can trust.

A huge public outcry calling on YouTube to protect children on their website could force them to take action. But that’ll only happen if thousands of us pile in today, when the story is front page news. 

So please can you sign the petition?

YouTube makes money from children using their website. From Peppa Pig to music videos, there are millions of videos aimed at children and most parents believe letting their kids use YouTube is safe. But the Times investigation found that YouTube failed to remove hundreds of appalling videos showing children being exploited – even when they were told about them. [3]