Jihadists Known To Police ‘A Common Element?’ Outrageous!

As the horrible news from Strasbourg comes in, with cops apparently ‘closing in’ on the sectarian savage, we all shudder at the thought of innocent people murdered by an undesirable alien at the city’s Christmas market.

But what should be most shocking is what one of France24’s guest ‘experts’ has just said –

 – that it’s a ‘common element’ of such atrocities is that the perpetrators of such attacks are ‘known to police.’

I don’t doubt it.


And not just in France.

We have seen this in Britain, and in Finland, and most other countries where such attacks have happened.

The filthy brute who attacked the Berlin Christmas market was known to police.

But he wasn’t shot down until AFTER he had taken the lives of decent Germans.

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Police in France have an official list of 26,000 jihadist sympathisers.

They should all be rounded up and interned, and any who are not French should be instantly deported.

  • guillotinth

And it goes without saying that any terrorist caught and convicted should be guillotined.

Macron won’t do that, alas.

Time for a change.