Pro-Crimmigrant Stansted Scumbags? Give ‘Em 10 Years Hard Labour!

Good to see guilty verdicts in the case of a gang of leftist louts who ran amok at Britain’s Stansted airport in a bid to prevent the deportation of a batch of unwanted and undesirable crimmigrants.

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The spokeswoman for the Crown Prosecution Service told the court –

“Fifteen protesters used equipment such as industrial bolt cutters, chains, expanding foam, scaffolding poles and lock box devices to prevent the take-off of a plane.

It’s important also to recognise it wasn’t just damage to property, though that of course merits serious punishment, especially when undertaken for such a disgraceful purpose.

Again, listen to the CPS sum up their heinous criminality.

“These people placed themselves, the flight crew, airport personnel and police at serious risk of injury or even death due to their actions on the airfield.

Amazingly, not, the global sticky-beak industry, notably Shamnesty…

…is making a fuss, not just over the verdicts –  “a blow for human rights” – which are irrefutably correct, but also at the prospects of serious punishment.

Amnesty International’s Kate Allen showed her total lack of comprehension of what peaceful, lawful protests actually are –

“This whole case will send a shiver down the spine of anyone who cares about the right to protest in our country.”


The layabouts could have stood outside the airport with their placards, chanting moronic chants. –


Hey-hey, ho-ho,we don’t want the scum to go!’


They chose not to, instead causing hours of delays to honest citizens going on holidays or taking business trips, a shocking indifference to trouble caused to innocent people purely in order to support illegal aliens being properly expelled from Britain.

Sentencing has not yet been announced.

What’s required are HEAVY punitive prison terms, maybe ten years each…

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…and whatever happened to imposing hard labour on scumbags?

It’s only a pity, moreover, that there’s not still corporal punishment available for anti-social ratbags like –


  • Helen Brewer, 28;
  • Lyndsay Burtonshaw, 28;
  • Nathan Clack, 30;
  • Laura Clayson, 28;
  • Melanie Evans, 35;
  • Joseph McGahan, 35;
  • Benjamin Smoke, 27;
  • Jyotsna Ram, 33;
  • Nicholas Sigsworth, 29;
  • Melanie Strickland, 35;
  • Alistair Tamlit, 30;
  • Edward Thacker, 29;
  • Emma Hughes, 38;
  • May McKeith, 33;
  • Ruth Potts, 44

 The BBC has not only their names but also their addresses  – but doesn’t provide the latter, which makes it impossible for patriotic citizens to locate them when they get out of jail and tell them what honest citizens think of their antics.

An alternative would be their places of work, but then it’s entirely probable that a lot of them are welfare bums, leeching off their fellow-citizens’ taxes whilst adding to the tax-burden by causing police and prosecution services to be diverted from normal crime-busting work to handling malevolent obstruction.