Red Nazi Menace Looms If Referendum Re-Run!

While it’s undoubtedly true that not every individual who formed part of that Europhiliac rabble in London last weekend  – who, interestingly enough, assembled at the BBC HQ – was a card-carrying member of the Antifa Red Nazi gangster groups….



…a careful reading of the Guardian’s report  – link below – indicates that –

A  – at least some of them were foul-mouthed morons whose placards exhorted anyone ( daft enough to notice their message) to –

–                     “fuck fascism”….

…which is certainly indicative of the low IQ level which characterises Red Nazi Antifa low-life lice.




B  – in true yellow-belly red nazi antifa style, ‘some had faces covered.’




And just in case any doubts remain, the Guardian strips away any pretence that all those creeps had turned out to express their views in democratic ways.

Sources in antiracist groups have said some members were keen to find a way to block the opposing march.



None of the above surprised me nor should it surprise anyone familiar with the intolerance of the vermin class…sorry, millennial ‘progressive’ leftists.

They hate free speech and fair play and are absolutely hostile to democratic values.

And THAT is what must be borne in mind when girding up for any referendum re-run, if that much-discussed proposition should somehow come to pass.

It is not just the brazen bias of much of the media, and the arrogant political elite with which British patriots must contend…

Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece


…but also the likelihood of Red Nazi thuggery.

Fight the Good Fight will be no mere turn of phrase.