What An Arrogant Merkelite Slug!

One must assume that the editors of EUObserver had to suppress whatever sense of humour they may possess when they began their latest piece on the Strasbourg Slugs…


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Strasbourg Slug HQ

….by describing the MEP from Mama Stasi’s party as ‘the man tasked with making the European Parliament (EP) more transparent.’

Or are there secret freedom-fighters among their number who want to stoke loathing for the EUSSR among normal people in every country…



…..whose taxes are seized by member state governments and gaily poured into the trough from which members of that ‘European Parliament’ slurp endlessly.

Rainer Wieland MEP could hardly have spoken more offensively when he spat in voters’ faces…


elite arrogance-s

…telling all of you in the ‘general public’ that you ‘should be more concerned about how MEPs are nominated than how they spend their monthly expenses.’

Who the bloody Hell does this pompous, condescending toe-rag think he is?

Rainer Wieland 2018.jpg




…to tell those whose pockets he and his fellow-warthogs leech fromout what tax-payers ‘should be more concerned about?’




These stinking parasites, whom we frequently and fairly call the Strasbourg Slugs, deserve to be horse-whipped through the streets of Strasbourg, with Wieland in the lead!

And kept on the run, until they, each and every one of them, reveal how much they got their grubby, greedy hands on and on what fun and games they spent it on!


Ludicrously, the article concludes by identifying Wieland as the klutz ‘spearheading reforms to build public trust in the EP ahead of elections next year…’ https://euobserver.com/institutional/143525