Memo To USAF – Neither Beards Nor Scarves Required Of Muslims!

Poor Sergeant Gaitan!

He’s a United States Air Force man, an apostate who converted to Islam, granted a ‘religious waiver permitting a beard…’ a privilege which the USAF apparently gave him because they think beards are obligatory for Muslims.

Poor deluded USAF!


Here’s a photo of the two 2019 presidential candidates here in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim majority country.


Both Prabowo and Jokowi would be outraged if anyone suggested they were not serious about their adherence to the Muslim faith.

They are diligent about attending mosque prayers and both are courting the Muslim vote, as noted here in recent months.

Please examine their chins very carefully.


There are numerous Muslims in Jakarta who do sport beards. I don’t do head-counts on my frequent bus journeys round town, but it’s safe to say bearded men are a minority.

So what’s happened is that the USAF has allowed Gaitan a privilege that is not a rule decreed by his creed but by his personal interpretation of certain sectarian diktats.

Same goes for the head-scarf shrills, but we have covered that before. 

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Still, we have not yet reached the most appalling segment of this report, a rant that is bound to provoke ‘Islamophobia’ among Americans and patriotic people in many another country too.

Sergeant Gaitan has been targetted by an Un-American bigot, named Zahra Billoo, who turns out to be the ‘executive director of the San Francisco chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)’

We know all about CAIR…

Take Action To Curb CAIR

…an abominable outfit.

The bigoted bint taunted the sergeant by saying that you can “now rock your Sunnah beard while bombing your Muslim brothers and sisters.”

That kind of stuff is what causes real resentment…


Zahra Billoo – a repeat lawfare whiner, she has ‘has filed lawsuits against the United States Department of Justice, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Southwest Airlines,’ so her CAIR website says, and unsurprisingly she’s “ a fellow with the American Leadership Forum’s Silicon Valley Chapter…”

…because such bilge very clearly suggests that sectarian solidarity ought to count for more than duty to one’s own country…


…as if American Muslims should feel they have more in common with aliens of the same religion than with their own fellow-citizens, who of course are much more truly their ‘brothers and sisters,’ whatever their creed.


That supranation sectarian affiliation counts for more than national allegiance is a disgraceful notion.

Americans, or Brits, or anyone who thinks like that, should be advised to take a hike and take up residence in some jihadist dump overseas.