Enjoy A Laugh For Advent!



Hard to believe that the far-left loonies of PETA, whom we’ve deplored at least once here…

Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA

…have been demanding that old sayings and common-place turns of phrase be revised to bow to their odd-ball obsession with animal ‘rights!’

Here’s one example –



“Take the bull by the horns” must be changed to “take the flower by the thorns!”


I was tempted to append my usual little pictorial comment on this…




..but then realised that such an illustration might result in porcine ‘hurt feelings.’

But then again, on reflection, it seems to me that the average  pig is made of sterner stuff than the sort of whining weasels who forever bleat about being ‘offended.’


Now I’ve wounded all those thin-skinned weasels…

Plush White Sheep with I Love Weasel T-shirt (first name/surname/nickname)

..and bleating sheep out there!