Whatever Brussels ‘Backstop’ Bilge May Brings Back…Take Note of This!

What happened in 1985 shows what any communique, memorandum, appendix, codicil or statement, tossed like a much-craved bone to a begging bitch…



…will actually mean when it comes to the crunch!


The Luxembourg COMPROMISE HAD NO LEGAL STATUS, but was a


referring to disagreements between France and the five other founding member states of the EEC.



Despite this the compromise was abided by until December 1985 when the…

..presidents and prime ministers of the member states agreed to forget it…

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 …and allow each other to deny they had agreed to forget it..


The United Kingdom is facing a foe as unprincipled as can be.

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Unfortunately, their self-serving Prime Minister matches the Euro-Commissars in her disdain for the British people and will without doubt seek to con them with a Munich 1938 action replay…


…flaunting a piece of paper as worthless as a nine-bob note!

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