Smart French Court Convicts Crimmigrant Collabos!

A court in Gap, a small French town in the Hautes Alpes region, not far from the Italian border, has gone a long way to redeem the reputation of France’s judicial system.

Last week two pro-crimmigrant scumbags were jailed for aiding and abetting illegal aliens sleaze in from Italy.


True, the swine only got 4 months, but after the shameful constitutional court decision some months ago, when that vile Herrou walked free…

           In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country 

…despite having lent his grubby helping hand to a pack of unvetted crimmigrants from Italy..

It’s a giant leap for judge-kind!


Some other ratbags, who included an Italian woman, a Swiss man and a Swiss-Belgian man,’ only got suspended sentences, so let’s not break out the champagne just yet.

A few years each behind bars would have been infinitely preferable, but even so…

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…at least two of France’s Enemy Within are due to be cooling their heels for a little while!

So how come a higher court showed such spinelessness and this little court went its own, infinitely wiser, way?

The Constitutional Court said it was okay to help undesirable aliens in distress, but that ‘ruling does not allow people to directly facilitate illegal border crossings.’

Unfortunately, the law-breakers may appeal.

Then who knows, but that some effete robed clowns could turn them loose…



…to scuttle about some other Alpine slope, by day or by night, and assist once more in the importation of illegals.