Illegals No Threat? “The Exceptions Are Hepatitis, Tuberculosis And HIV.”

You’d think a doctors’ magazine might be able to focus on medical matters rather than push a pro-crimmigrant agenda!

Or maybe these days we should expect just the opposite, and sure enough, The Lancet, once a respected British journal, has published a study seemingly designed to promote the alien incursions into civilised countries.

…one of the researchers, Dr. Paul Spiegel, proclaims that migrants spreading disease is a “false argument” used to keep them out. The editor of the Lancet said; “In too many countries, the issue of migration is used to divide societies and advance a populist agenda

But it’s perhaps significant that the doctor quoted in this excellent Judicial Watch expose turns out to be a paid UNHCR flunkey.

Yes, that UNHCR!

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And here he is, flying his true colours in the background,


Image result for dr paul spiegel

Paul Spiegel – ‘Deputy Director of the Division of Programme Support and Management at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)’


I wonder if he will soon issue a health warning about ‘populism,’ the epidemic – formerly known as patriotism – surging throughout the Western world!




However, the key point that Judicial Watch makes is how the most alarming fact about the study is being largely played down by…



…and certainly being ignored in the headlines of, the pro-crimmigrant media dining out on the ‘study.’

Hence my decision to use that alarming truth as my own headline!

“The Exceptions Are Hepatitis, Tuberculosis And HIV.”

Please read it!

I won’t say more about Spiegel, but the ‘study’ and the impressive Judicial Watch response do remind me of the terrible irresponsibility of pro-crimmigrant politicians, like the repulsive Scottish leftist separatist, Nicola Sturgeon…




…and her infamous outburst during the 2016 Brexit debate, when Nigel Farage had spoken about diseased aliens oozing into the UK for freeby treatment on the NHS.

Sturgeon quite brazenly championed free-loaders ‘rights’ even if, as was the specific example Farage quoted, it was the deadly HIV that was involved.

So it’s clear that many crimmigrants are not only dangerous in the ways we are all too familiar with…

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…but in the medical sense too.

Thanks to JW!