Lift Up The Kotagede Stone – See What Crawls Below.

Further to the foul deed done in a Jogjakarta cemetery, as reported here already…


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RIP Albertus – Jogjakarta Christian, Persecuted Even In Death

…an investigation conducted locally has claimed that a written statement from the widow of Albertus, the Christian man whose grave was desecrated by vile bigots – a statement that she would not make an issue of the incident  – was in fact actually drafted and sent to her by seven people representing village officials, the police and local military command.




If that’s so, then clearly some action from honourable men holding senior ‘police and military’ rank is urgently required to purge the security forces of any bullying slugs in that vicinity found to have collaborated with the sectarian brutes who committed the vandalism at Albertus’ grave.

It occurs to me that the ideal honourable man to ensure dishonourable discharge for any such good-for-nothings would be President Jokowi, who has often asserted his belief in religious liberty and pluralist tolerance.



…though IMHO merely firing any such collaborators identified is surely not enough – far better to put them on public trial for the offence suggested by the investigation team..

violation against the state ideology of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.


The shocking claim comes from the Catholic ‘commission for peace and justice’ which operates under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Semarang.

They were told by Albertus’ widow, Winarni, that she was told to sign the statement to shut down the outrage on social media over the incident.—.html

We have seen desecration of Christian holy places before, as when riotous savages ran amok in another Javanese community.

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