‘Stupid Boy!’ Was OK, So Why Not ‘Stupid Woman?’

Remember that outstandingly funny tv series “Dad’s Army?”

Most of its stars are long gone now, to wherever good actors go, but Captain Mainwaring’s dismissive castigations of the ‘Stupid Boy’ who never got anything right became something of a catch-phrase among fans.


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I do not recall angry protests from militant young males at being put down by a sexist remark. It was the boy target of the insult who was being insulted, not boys in general.

Yet what was all that nonsense in the House of Commons about, this week, where Corbyn was forced to deny he’d used the obscene insult ‘woman’  – ‘Stupid Woman!’ – in relation to Theresa the Traitrix.

He is not hostile to women – if anything he is altogether too indiscriminate about the sort of women he likes to have around him…



…yet he was hounded by pompous Tory clowns, and in response he denied saying the words – apparently he’d said ‘Stupid People!’

And THAT was okay!

Is May not a woman?

Can we no longer refer to a stupid woman as a stupid woman?


Can we therefore  – logically- not call a stupid man a stupid man?

I have called her much worse than ‘stupid!’

But I have also called Cameron and Hollande, and various other male politicians, much worse too.

We are defined, and define each other, in everyday conversation, by what we are, men, women, boys, girls, fat, thin, tall, short, smart…STUPID…

If I see somebody walking down the street balancing a buffalo chicken wing on his or her head…


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…I will say to my companions that the person is a weird man or a weird woman.

It’s called accurate description.

 Why not?