Decent Moroccans Demand Death For Scum Who Killed The Girls!

Good to read that decent Moroccans have launched a petition on, which urges the Ministry of Justice to do the right thing – use its capital punishment law for the scum who murdered those two girls.


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“The death penalty is undoubtedly the right solution to this horrible crime,” says Ilyas El Kouraichi. “As a Moroccan, I request the application of Articles 393, 399 of the Moroccan Penal Code.”

But he’s up against the pinko creep element, and the folly of successive governments which have not made use of the death penalty since 1993.


The report on the petition tells us that the usual suspects, bleeding heart ‘human rights activists,’ have been actively agitating for abolition of the law…


The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.

…evidently sharing the compassion for terrorists and other evil-doers that motivates the EUSSR.

Ilyas has so far only got a few hundred signatures onhis petition, but a large demo to express dismay and disgust at the jihadist atrocity has been organised by decent people in Rabat, to be held later today. will sign up to the petition..

Let’s hope the turn-out will be large indeed, that they will sign up to the petition…




..and that the government will heed its demand.