Wouldn’t YOU Have Heckled Hitler’s Envoy In 1939?

Mail journalist ejected from Irish embassy over shouts of ‘Brexit’


I know nothing of Ms Joanna Bell, whose charming picture makes me think it would be nice to get to know her…


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...a former remainer who embraced Brexit because of the European commission’s “contemptible” treatment of Britain since the vote to leave the EU.

…but I DO know that she did what many of us would like to do.

…witnesses said her heckling during the serious points being made about the fragility of the institutions of peace created by the Good Friday Agreement was far from humorous and had interrupted a hushed respectful atmosphere in the ballroom of the embassy.


‘Hushed and Respectful?’


What a bunch of crawlers there must have been in that ballroom, to treat a political address by the representative of a hostile state as a posse of nuns might have treated a Papal audience.

Well, we know Jeffrey Archer was there – God knows why!

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The Ambassador may well be a personally decent individual, but he represents an arrogant regime which has exploited every twist and turn of the Brexit process to advance its dirty little expansionist agenda, its annexationist aim to bring the British people of Ulster under foreign rule…



Éamon de Valera signed the book of condolence on Adolf Hitler’s death on 2 May …https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_neutrality_during_World_War_II 

…and to fly the flag of Hitler-fan De Valera over Belfast and Londonderry and every acre if Ulster inhabited by a small brave British nation.

Who dares suggest such a diplomat’s speech should be heard out in a ‘hushed and respectful’ manner?

How dare Eire seek to bully Britannia, behind whose skirts it hid throughout WW2?

That ambassador would be entitled to an uninterrupted hearing, perhaps, had he been offering contrite apologies for all the filthy Sinn Fein/IRA terror scum given safe haven in his lousy republic.

If Theresa May had any self-respect, personally or politically, she would long since have declared Eire a hostile state and expelled its diplomatic mission from London.



They should no more be tolerated in Her Majesty’s capital than would ‘ambassadors’ from the ISIS ‘caliphate.’


The Guardian quoted one of Ms. Bell’s concerns, which many of us also share.

“A second referendum would have highly unfortunate consequences for this polarised and still combustible island. It’s not that mandates should never be withdrawn or a referendum reconsidered. If, however, a democratic outcome is to be reconsidered, it must first be respected. What could be more damaging than a second referendum if remain wins as narrowly as it lost the first? We would find ourselves in a precarious state.”


Any new referendum should be held after a decent interval – something like the forty plus years between the first one in 1975 and the second in 2016.