Germany’s Nightmare Deepens – Pedophile Marriage Legalised?


The vile practice of child marriage has been given the green light by the German Constitutional Court, which has asserted that a law – Gesetz zur Bekämpfung von Kinderehen – banning such pedophiliac unions is unconstitutional

The law to protect children was passed, as the Gatestone link explains, after a pair of Mama Stasi Merkel’s ‘migrants’ ( adult man, 14-year-old girl) were found to be ‘married’ under barbaric Syrian law but were obviously not considered married under civilised German law.

Nor were they the only primitives engaged in such primitive arrangements – nearly 1500 known to the government!

This dismaying development opens up a constitutional can of worms, which surely needs to be cleaned out, or maybe fumigated might be a more suitable word…


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…possibly by reviving the still-bubbling controversy over the failure of the post-war political elite in Bonn (which was the capital, remember, before reunification) to provide the German people with ANY opportunity to approve or disapprove of the ‘democratic’ constitution.

Indeed, what passes for the ‘constitution’ is not even given that name, but is instead defined as the ‘Basic Law.’

So if there’s no constitution, perhaps it’s time to bring the ‘constitutional court’ to heel.



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After Theresa May’s infamous declaration of approval of shariah law, how long will it be till moves are made for child-marriage to be legalised in the UK, or Canada or Australia.

The courts in many Western countries have often enough proven themselves part and parcel of the Enemy Within…


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…and it’s time patriot parties paid more attention to curtailing their powers.

The primacy of the people over un-elected judiciaries needs to be established.