Wish This Lousy Leftist A Miserable New Year!

Here’s a real rotten ratbag, who does not deserve a Merry Christmas – assuming he even celebrates it!


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His name’s Tony Romm, and he works for the far-left Washington Post, but that’s not why we should refrain from wishing him the traditional compliments of the season.

A triple-amputee veteran set up a Go Fund Me campaign to pay for the much-needed border wall.


Already it’s raised upwards of $13 million!


But pinko creep Romm has tried to have the fund-raiser endeavour shut down!


Because it discriminated against mostly Latinos trying to get into the United States.


Check out the Daily Caller for more detailshttps://dailycaller.com/2018/12/20/wapo-reporter-gofundme-wall-fundraiser-down/  

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