Brexiting Home, With A Song In My Heart?

I have acknowledged in the past that the well-known queer comedian, Stephen Fry, can be sensible as well as funny.

Gambar terkait

End ‘Boo-Hoo’ Bans on Free Speech!

But with his latest petulant political outburst, it has to be said that he’s more tolerable when he sticks to what he’s good at, comedy.

Instead, he has inserted himself into Project Fear 2; a tiresome, nasty video, telling everyone bone-idle enough – like me on a Sunday…



 – to listen to his warbling – that the majority of the electorate in 2016 were too dim-witted to appreciate the wisdom of Project Fear 1, so they’d best listen up as he tries to scare the life out ’em!

Some of you will have noticed that, since the Traitrix’s sell-out was announced, hardly a day has gone by on this blog without at least a side-swipe at Theresa the Appeaser.


theresa junkcer judas


We all have to do all we can in this dire situation. has a first-class article last week, which demolishes the entire foundation on which Fry rests his case.

Please read it and savour its admirable message.

If the Europhiliacs manage to force a re-run of the referendum, on the tried and tested Brussels Empire principle that subject peoples must be made to vote over and over again…


EU - referendum vote

The BBC’s article on the EU’s refusal to accept “People’s Votes”  –  – is reasonably factual.

…till they vote the way the EUSSR requires them to, I will keep blogging for Britannia but will also make a brief pilgrimage to The Old Country to join the resistance and campaign for freedom.

Logic, some of you may say, dictates that I stay in an agreeable climate and simply donate the cost of the plane ticket to LeaveEU.

That’s logical, truly.


But there’s more to this titanic struggle than logic, is there not?