Project Fear 2016 Failed – Don’t Let Them Panic You This Time!



Incredible, the hyperbolic hogwash being unleashed against Brits fighting for freedom, with a ranting propagandist writing rubbish in the Washington

Why Brexit may be good for terrorists and the Kremlin….




…which, if you read it, actually reveals that it’s the Brussels Empire’s stated unwillingness to continue post-Brexit security cooperation which constitutes a threat to the fight against terrorism.

Juncker and his Euro-Commissar comrades care so little about the terror threat that they are prepared to cut back on cooperation as a stick to beat the UK for escaping their control.



No wonder more and more Brits see them as the enemy.


…and last week a moronic chunk of melodrama in The Independent…

Do people like me have to die to make Brexit backers see we were telling the truth all along?

Not so much hogwash as hysteria!

So I offer you today a counter-blast, cool and calmly stated, and published by a surprising source  – Politico EU.

Here’s a sample!


When none of the doomsday Brexit predictions comes to pass, the EU will find itself in deep trouble — our survival, and success without the bloc, will highlight the intransigence of the Commission and may well tempt other EU members to contemplate quitting the troubled union.

Read and enjoy!