Weary Of Fake ‘Hate-Crimes?’ Now We Have ‘Brexit-Crimes!’ Seriously!

Yes, the pinko creeps have invented a new category of crime, to supplement the loopy list of ‘hate-crimes’ – the fake ‘phobias’ which have replaced the rational British person’s concept of criminal offences…


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…like those back in the day when a punch in the nose or a knife in the ribs were prosecuted for what they were, rather than what political ideology might be detected in the psyche of the perpetrator.

The notoriously Soros-funded Europhiliac gang that ludicrously calls itself ‘Best for Britain,’ has uncovered, by wasting bags of police time and resources under ‘freedom of information’ legislation,

…a huge number of crimes committed in the name of Brexit including two rape incidents, affray, drug trafficking and a number of arsons…




What are these goons yammering about?

Let’s use our imaginations!


Drug trafficking?

‘Wanna buy some dope, mate? Discount if you voted Leave?’


‘She ordered a Continental Breakfast – let’s teach her a lesson when she leaves the diner!’

But God knows how this next, non-imaginary, one was all about! 

Ungenerous helpings of Brussels spouts? 

Bedfordshire Police were even called out to a domestic dispute in 2017 that was linked to Brexit.



Labour MP Virendra Sharma, a supporter of Best for Britain, said it suggested Brexit “unleashed a wave of crimes across the capital…”



He said: “The divisive language used during the referendum campaigns, especially from key figures in the Leave camp, incited anger and fuelled resentment.

Oh, OF COURSE – had to be especially from key figures in the Leave camp, didn’t it?

Anti-Brexit campaigners are angelic sweetie-pies, always….yeah?


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