Who In Heaven’s Name Did They Ask?

Just did the shopping at Superindo, good discounts on rendang beef and ice-cream, by the way, and got back to a news item on BBC World Service.




The Clinton Woman has been ousted by the Obama Woman in the yearly contest for ‘Most Admired Big-Mouthed Bint…’

…or something like that…

Michelle Obama Tops Hillary Clinton in Most Admired Women Poll



Image result for obama wife ass


…and while you have to laugh at the absurdity of anyone admiring either of them, one must ask – who decides?

I know a lot of impressive women…



Never met these two, but I think they are more deserving of the title than either of the afore-mentioned!


…and none of them has been polled.

They would most certainly have mentioned it, had they been!


Is it a title chosen by selected Media Democrat hacks in the USA…



…or is there some of secret conclave of registered millennial morons…



…of the sort we have pictured from time to time?

Anyone able to tell us?