Laptop Probs? DIY Hints!

At the start of this month, my really quite new Lenovo began behaving very strangely.

I woke up, hit the hot water dispenser ‘on’ button to ensure the first caffeine fix would soon be ready…


….then lurched across the room to my computer table.

The night before, all had been in order, but when I did what I had just done in order to get my coffee, I got zilch, just a bright screen with one of those odd pictures…

idea c 10

That was what I wanted to see, but alas, no nice wee car, no icons to use to access my  usual resources.


Try as I might, no icons, no nothing, not a thing I could do to bring on email, search engines or whatever.

I tapped, fiddled, restrained myself from slapping the machine, then in desperation I switched it off and started once more.

Eventually, having had to go out and have a pre-arranged lunch with some nice Jakarta folks, I got back and resolved to seek help.

And here’s where I found it.

Several search engines took me to several advice centres, but many no doubt benevolent people framed their advice in technical terms which were beyond my ken.

The link above will take you to one which did the trick!

It was easy to understand and easy to put into practice.

So I pass it on, hoping none of my readers will ever need it.

And now the end of year is near!



Enjoy your evening!

And have your coffee ready for the morning!